Star Wars: The Anniversary of an Epic Adventure

Thirty-eight years ago today, the original Star Wars hit theaters starting an epic space adventure that would excite fans around the world!

From the imagination of George Lucas, Star Wars blasted off in theaters on May 25, 1977 earning over $700 million worldwide as well as billions in merchandising. Fans were taken to a “galaxy, far far away” and told a story of galactic oppression and turmoil. Movie goers were introduced to the heroes; Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and the scoundrel – Han Solo, as they fought against the evil Empire and Darth Vader!

I remember how much my imagination and dreams changed as a child watching Star Wars for the first time. I knew right then that when I grew up, I wanted to be Luke Skywalker and learn the ways of “The Force”.

Now, it is 38 years later and I am introducing the same magic and adventure to my children and, like my parents witnessed, I can see the shimmering of imagination and excitement in their eyes and it excited my “inner-NERDness”.

So tonight, sit down with your family, friends, spouse, kids and your fanboy friends and celebrate with a viewing of Star Wars: A New Hope.

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From the moment Steve first watched Star Wars: A New Hope in the theater when he was a child, he wanted to be Luke Skywalker when he “grew up” (and STILL does!). He now shares this passion with his wife, two daughters, friends and fans. Steve is the Founder of Star Wars Reporter.