The Dawn of a New Era

I never imagined so many years ago that in 2015 I’d be celebrating the arrival of a brand new Star Wars movie. The Prequels seemed like a dream too good to be true and, perhaps for some, or to some degree, that was the case. Oh, I’m not here to lambaste them. For all their warts, I thoroughly enjoyed them just as I enjoy many creative works – by viewing them through my “child” eyes. (I’m sure my good friends and I here at the Reporter will have many discussions on the impact of all 6 movies…soon to be more, of course.) But even I will attest that episodes I-III, for whatever qualities they held, just didn’t quite hold the wonderful magic I had always associated with the original trilogy.

And I think that word sums up what so many of us yearn to recapture with Star Wars – Magic. Take that literally, figuratively, or in whatever way you want, but it really boils down to that. We want to be swept away to a place that our minds say couldn’t be real, but our hearts believe it exists anyway….

So here we are now, with a driven team of talented people on the cusp of releasing a brand new movie. It’s a greater gift than I ever could have asked for. It really is. These wonderful movies affected me as they did so many countless others, in a truly profound way. They have a direct line to a very special place inside me, a place of wonder and awe, of hope and imagination. As one gets older, as responsibilities grow in an increasingly fast-paced world, it’s easier and, sometimes, unfortunately, necessary to put aside some of the whimsical daydreaming that sparks inspiration or imagination.

As the Prequel movies came to completion in 2005, I feared that was it, no more Star Wars, and what a shame that would be. With the tools and talent available today, could there be a better universe to explore, both visually and philosophically? With the constant stream of news showcasing mankind’s penchant for cruelty, would it not be beneficial to illuminate stories that display the pinnacle of imagination and the potential power of goodness?

Lucas began a modern myth, one that resonates on multiple levels. For many of us, it has been something of a companion through life, a place to explore, where we can visit with old friends who entertain, enlighten, and amaze us. I’m so thankful ole’ George handed the keys of his cosmic kingdom to another generation of filmmakers. And I know I’m not alone. The excitement generated over The Force Awakens’ teaser trailers is palpable. One can feel an electricity, a rekindling of the magic that we were struck by so long ago in that galaxy far, far away.

Some of us need this, and we heave a happy sigh of relief. Star Wars is here to stay.

It is the dawn of a new era, a promise that our children will grow up in a world where Star Wars is there to encourage them to dream and imagine and hope. I am honored and grateful that I will be able to share these wonderful experiences with good friends, and a new group of younglings, our hopeful jedi knights to be. Dear friends, may our eyes ever linger on the stars, and may the force be with you, always.

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