A Familiar Presence

With the release of the full trailer for season two of Star Wars Rebels, we’re getting the return of a few old friends and familiar adversaries. We see Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, and Darth Vader. But in the trailer we might be seeing a bit more. We’re introduced to several new Inquisitors. But I have a theory that some of these villains might not so new.

Ahsoka_rebels_1Fans were thrilled to find Ahsoka Tano, former Jedi Padawan to the now fallen Anakin Skywalker. And why not? Ahsoka is an awesome character. We spent five seasons watching her grow from a petulant child to a skilled apprentice who often gave her master as much wisdom as she received.

We also learn that Captain Rex, veteran of the Clone Wars, has survived. It is implied that he somehow managed to avoid or resist participating in Order 66. Or at least that is my hope. I genuinely liked Rex, and several other clones we met during Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Another character with surprising depth as The Clone Wars progressed was Assajj Ventress. She went from animal killer to abandoned mercenary through the televison series and like Ahsoka is left to find her own identity in the galaxy.

I think there may be clues to the identity she discovered in the trailer for Star Wars Rebels’ second season to what became of the abandoned servant of Count Dooku. I theorize that Ventress found her way into the service of the Empire – as an Inquisitor.


In addition to the photo featured above that is shown in the trailer, we also hear Kanan and Ahsoka talking:

Kanan: “The fear. The anger. The hate. I haven’t felt a presence like that since…”
Ahsoka: “…the Clone Wars.”

While the trailer seems to imply that this presence is Darth Vader, I’m beginning to second guess that theory. Are they sensing Ventress and not Vader? Hopefully we’ll get a few answers on June 20th, when season two of Rebels premieres.

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