SDCC Star Wars Movie News Leak?

On the eve of the San Diego Comic Con, a first leak regarding the planned Star Wars films has hit the internet.

The photo was apparently taken during the prep for the Star Wars panel. Could this be real?

UPDATE: According to IndieRevolver the photo is a FAKE! My excitement for SDCC and Star Wars made me temporarily trusting of the internet! The dream was fun…for a while.

Is this real or some "Sith trickery"?
Is this real or some “Sith trickery”?

What excites me about this list , besides Episode 7, is the listing of a Kenobi movie! Obiwan was one of my favorite characters, strengthened more with his portrayal by Ewen McGregor. I also agree with the people at Belated Media where they come up with alternate scripts for the prequels in a series of videos where they suggest that “Obiwan SHOULD have been the focus of the prequels”. Fans aren’t the only one that would love to see a Kenobi film. In an interview with the Daily Record, Ewen McGregor talked about Star Wars and that he would love to return to the role of Obiwan,

“I’d be happy to do the story from episodes three where I finish up and Alec Guinness starts.” – McGregor

Ewen McGregor reprising role of Obiwan? Yes PLEASE!
Ewen McGregor reprising role of Obiwan? Yes PLEASE!

Another rumor is that there won’t be any NEW trailers for The Force Awakens but only “behind the scenes” footage. This is disappointing. Although I understand they don’t want to give away too much too soon, the inner “NERD” in me is screaming like a spoiled baby that just ate a tub of ice-cream on a sugar rush!

Perhaps there won’t be any new footage of TFA, but maybe we will get to hear more about the other planned films.

You can find more schedule information regarding The Force Awakens at SDCC2015 at the link HERE.

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