Star Wars Battlefront: Fighter Squadron Mode Game Play Trailer is AMAZING!

Since a New Hope’s trench run Death Star scene, like many kids my age, I imagined myself assisting Luke and Han in the destruction of the Empire’s evil weapon and saving the Rebellion! To be truthful, as an adult, I still have the same dream. EA’s Battlefront is now giving me an opportunity to experience the intensity of such starfighter battles in their “Fighter Squadron Mode”!

“For fans of the epic Star Wars™ scenes with Rebel and Imperial ships facing off in intense dogfights, Fighter Squadron is the ultimate Star Wars™ Battlefront™ game mode. Featuring iconic Rebel X-Wings and A-Wings, as well as >the dreaded Imperial Tie Fighters and Tie Interceptors, Fighter Squadron lets you engage in aerial battles with up to 20 players, and AI-controlled ships joining the fight.”

Star Wars Battlefront hits stores November 17th! See the official site HERE.

Check out the trailer images!

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