Del Toro Confirms for Episode VIII

CollectorGotgTextlessPosterRumors have been circulating for a while that Benecio del Toro is involved with Star Wars: Episode VIII. According to Collider Jedi Council and Screen Rant, del Toro confirmed his involvement in an interview when he not only confirmed he had a role in the forthcoming 2017 film. In addition, he coyly revealed that he is playing a character who is “like a villian.”

Let the wild speculation begin! Is he a member of the First Order? A Knight of Ren? Supreme Leader Snoke’s right-hand man? Who knows?! What we do know is that del Toro is a powerhouse actor who will bring gravitas and talent to the middle chapter of our new saga. He’s already had experience in the sci-fi genre. His role as The Collector in the wildly successful Guardians of the Galaxy is a fan favorite and his roles in both Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Snatch and Sin City reflect his ability to play grim, gritty and memorable characters.

Stay tuned to Star Wars Reporter for more updates!

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