The Force Awakens: Are These The Backgrounds of Finn and Rey?

As reported by Latino Review, a new card game may have just given away another spoiler for The Force Awakens.

******Possible SPOILERS below!******

The spoiler in particular is the backgrounds of Finn, Kylo, and Rey. According to the cards, Finn is NOT a Jedi, but a member of the “Rebels”. Rey is listed as both Jedi and Rebel, as many suspected. There was a question of what allegiance Kylo followed. JJ Abrams had stated that Kylo was not a Sith, but these cards counter that by showing Kylo as a “Sith”.

What may be more interesting is the listing of a “Droid Army” and no listing of “The First Order”.


What do YOU think? Do the cards show the truth or is this just more misinformation from eager fans? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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