Star Wars Books: In a “Golden” Classic

As far as classic children’s books are concerned, Little Golden Books is as recognizable as it comes.

I remember growing up with such titles as Mother Goose, The Little Red Hen, The Alphabet from A to Z and more! Golden Books continues it’s legacy for children’s literature with a retelling of the Star Wars saga.


There is a six volume set that includes the stories of all the Star Wars films as written for a younger audience, and include the classic style illustrations the books are known for. There are also several other separate titles from the company to choose from, such as “I am a Jedi”, “I am a Pilot”, and “I am a Droid”. What better way to help introduce your fandom to your kids and at the same time, giving them more exposure to reading!

Bring the “galaxy far, far away” closer to your home for bedtime stories with these fun children’s tales. Get your copies HERE.

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