The PlayStation Battlefront Commercial Will Bring Back Those Childhood Memories

The latest Battlefront commercial from PlayStation brought back memories from my youth.

For Star Wars fans, in my opinion, these memories are stronger than any other fandom! Much of this can be linked to the toys and merchandising. Who doesn’t remember playing with your action figures in “epic” battles between good and evil?

I have fond memories of the battles my childhood friend, Todd, and I used to have in his home. Todd had EVERY Star Wars figure there was, including the Millennium Falcon! He took great care of them too, never taking any outside OR losing any of the weapons and accessories. I, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. My, very few, action figures had seen better days as did my “3 winged X-Wing”. The damage on my X-Wing came from a “battle” with a squad of Tie Fighters that ended with Luke crashing his ship into the edge of the creak in my backyard. Todd and I had a silent play “agreement”. I loved the Rebels and always played their side, and he didn’t seem to mind playing as the Empire. Perfect! I wonder if Todd still owns his Star Wars toys?

I also remember hanging out in Todd’s family dining room, drawing endless pictures of Star Wars scenes, battles and characters. I would love to still have these. I could only imaging what kind of imagination we had then!

This commercial from PlayStation really hit home for me. I miss those simple days of summer fun, and battles in a “backyard far, far away…”

What are your childhood Star Wars memories? Share them with us.

Watch the PlayStation advertisement below.

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