Final Trailer for The Force Awakens

The full trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has arrived. We begin with a melancholy ominous music – the simplicity of darkness. We see a lone woman who claims to be “no one.”

The music swells and suddenly X-Wings and TIE Fighters are locked conflict! A flash of red. A flash of blue. In the back of our minds, the familiarity of the sights and sounds all come together in a beautiful singularity and with the closing words of these two minutes and thirty seconds, we know that we are being summoned.

“The Force. Its calling to you. Just let it in…”

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James Spahn is a life-long fan of all things Star Wars. His earliest memories are of sitting on the living room floor, watching the original film on Beta Max. He is a father, husband, and writer who has done extensive freelance work in the table-top gaming industry. He is obsessed with all things related to the Jedi and a total Luke Skywalker fanboy. Follow him @ObiSpahnKenobi on twitter.