The “Art Awakens”: 100 Days of Star Wars & ART GIVEAWAY

The “Art Awakens” as artist Kurt Aspland continues his goal of “100 Days of Star Wars”.

Kurt is originally from Orange County, California. He attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. After college, he started his own graphic design company. Later, Kurt moved to the East coast where he now teaches at Drexel University and the Pennsylvania School of Art.

I noticed Kurt’s goal of “100 Days of Star Wars” and had to find out more about his project as well as the artist.

How would you describe your art style?

Kurt: I would call my art style is a mixture of watercolor and ink.

What is it about Star Wars that inspires you when painting?

Kurt: Star Wars is one of those things where everyone can come together and have a good time. It is one crazy world we live in and Star Wars is a subject matter that just brings about a lot of fun can excitement to everyone.

Star Wars

How did you come up with the 100 days 100 pics goal and why?

Kurt: When my younger brother saw some of my ink sketches in my sketchbook and suggested that I try some Star Wars drawings. Being a Star Wars fan, I thought it might be a lot of fun. So I drew this quick little collage of characters from the upcoming movie “The Force Awakens.” I am not sure if it was his idea or mine, but one of us suggested doing 100 drawings as part of the count down to the opening movie. So here were are today at number 60 today


What are your feelings about the upcoming films, The Force Awakens and other stand alone titles?

Kurt: Nothing will every match or even come close to the magical excitement I had as a 10 year old when I first saw star wars. When the prequels were announced, my heart stared to pump that magic again. I love the prequels, it is just part of the story. Who did not get excited when Qui-Gon Jinn introduced a young ObiWan to the world. Or got pumped with the duel with Darth Maul (he died too early). Of course we all wish the dialogue was a bit better or the relationship between Portman and Christensen was a little more believable. Poor Jar-Jar, he is a bit goofy, but I like em.


Since the announcement of Episode 7, has there been a greater demand for Star Wars art? What have you noticed from the fans?

Kurt: The market is saturated with fan art. I think that my daily 100 paintings in 100 day has helped separated me from the mass a little bit. People see to get excited to see what is the painting of the day.

Which character in the Star Wars universe are you requested to create the most? Who is the top fan favorite?

Kurt: Boba Fett then Darth Vader.

Are there any characters or scenes that are harder to create than others?

Kurt: People are harder… you have to nail their linkness or else it looks lame, next droids can be difficult, monsters and aliens are piece of cake.


What advice would you give a new artist starting out and what do you think is the most effective way to market yourself and your work?

Kurt: Number one thing an artist can do is to draw, draw, draw. I always tell anyone that if they want to improve their drawing do three things:

1. Copy Model sheets.If you are starting out, then find your favorite cartoon and google the model sheets and draw them over, and over. Go for perfection here.

2. Study other artists techniques. Start a Pinterest account and search artist anatomy, find some artist on there you like and google them. Get there books and read them, take a class or two.

3. Draw from observation. Have a sketchbook with you all the time. Put your phone down, quit playing video games and draw. Draw as you watch people, take a life drawing class, just draw.

Sketchbooks are very important to the development of any artist. There is an old saying, “Talent is common, but perseverance is not.” I try and draw daily in my sketchbook. These are just some samples of people I have observed in the train station and pictures that I have seen and have inspired me. My advice to anyone who wants to be an artist is to draw, draw, draw. A great drawing can always save a poor painting, but a terrible drawing will destroy a great painting.

You can see more of Kurt Aspland’s work at his official website:


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