Did Daisy Ridley Accidentally Give Away a MAJOR SPOILER From The Force Awakens?

***SPOILER AHEAD…maybe***

There have been many speculations as to how all the characters in the upcoming The Force Awakens are connected. The speculations have been mainly of the new main characters to the saga, which includes Finn, Poe, Rey and Kylo.

It seems that Ridley may have answered the question to Rey’s background during a Japanese TV network interview. Ridley was asked about her character’s family lineage. Using a possible play on words, Ridley would only respond,

Rey is “solo-tary”, going on to say, “I’m not sure how much I can say. I guess because I’ve said that I’m solitary, and that’s how I begin, that is probably a big clue as to what i​t is.”

This, if true, wouldn’t be a surprise to most Star Wars fans as this has been the fan “guess” as to who Rey was since the first teaser trailer.

Could this have just been an honest wording error on Ridley’s part, or was this her playful style of giving a hint to the fans? We’ll find out for sure on December 18.



We found a video via “NerdAlert” where they have the part of the interview on video and then they analyze what Ridley meant, could have meant, etc. Watch now!


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