Calimacil Foam Lightsaber KICKSTARTER: A Safe and Immersive Way to Let Loose Your Inner Jedi

Calimacil, makers of foam fantasy weapons, has launched a new KICKSTARTER that may be of interest to aspiring Jedi. The Calimacil Foam Lightsaber!

About the project:

“We decided to push the limits of design by creating the most iconic sword of all: The lightsaber. The challenge was to build a lightsaber made of foam for safe play. To integrate light, we had to enhance the foam formula we normally use to build our products. Moreover, we had to develop a new technology into the handle to enable both light and sound. Thus our journey began, and we successfully achieved the creation of a fully immersive foam lightsaber!”-Calimacil

For more information and to support the project, visit the Calimacil Foam Lightsaber KICKSTARTER official page:

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