Andy Serkis’ The Force Awakens Character Concept Art Revealed?

As reported by Indie Revolver, a concept picture of Andy Serkis’ character “Supreme Leader Snoke” may have been leaked.

“I hesitated in releasing this image, since I’m told that there are wildly different designs out there for this character. So this image may not even be close to what the final version of the character will look like. But if you’re like me, you enjoy seeing the evolution of these characters and since so little is known about Snoke, it’s a fun piece to speculate about.”– Jay Carlson, Editor in Chief Indie Revolver

Could this be real or like Carlson says, just an “evolution of the character”? Even if not the final version, we are getting an idea of what Abrams has in mind for Serkis’, Snoke.


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