Call Me “General Leia”: The “Princess” Gets a New Title in The Force Awakens

There have been many changes to the Star Wars galaxy since The Return of the Jedi including a title change to one of the saga’s epic characters.

The “Princess” has become the “General”.


After the destruction of Alderaan by the first Death Star, how much longer could the title of Princess last? A Princess of what planet? After the victory on Endor and the death of the Emperor and Vader, the work to rid the galaxy of the remnants of the old rulers would take place. New roles and duties would be needed. It was only natural for the Princess to take her leadership to another level as General.

“She’s referred to as General,” says director and co-writer J.J. Abrams. “But … there’s a moment in the movie where a character sort of slips and calls her ‘Princess.’” – J.J. Abrams from

I find that the move from Princess to General is also a move to a more acknowledged role for Leia to her abilities. Looking back on the original films, the thought of “Princess” [after Alderaan was gone] seemed Disney Princess-like in how her character was viewed. As a General of the Alliance, the title holds more strength and importance which Leia has clearly earned.

The title change also reflects the changing times over the past 38 years to reflect the equal role that Woman play in the workforce, military and leadership. No more “slave bikinis”, only respect and equality.

In Star Wars, Leia was a role model to girls around the world. As EW asked Carrie Fisher, “What does the actress hope that the original generation of fans, now grown up, may take away from this version of Leia?” with Fisher responding, “Never give up.”

We know her title of “General Leia” but General Leia [Last Name]? General Leia “Solo” because of marriage? General Leia “Organa” as she keeps her name after marriage OR because there was NO marriage. Another speculation we will have to wait on until the release of the film.

See the full EW article HERE.

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