The Force Awakens TV Spot #2: Still NO Luke, But More Reveals!

The second TV spot dropped for The Force Awakens with more scenes and MORE questions.

Aside from the many actions scenes in the tv spot, I loved the scene with Rey and Han where we see the same sarcastic humor from Han that we remember from the originals. “You may need this”


We also see “General Leia” in what appears to be a “War Room”. Along her side is Han and C3P0. Like my previous article, I am happy to see Leia in a role of leadership and substance.

General Leia in Command

What caught my attention the most was the scene of Finn battling a Stormtrooper..with Luke’s Lightsaber! More clues to his role and potential of becoming a Jedi?


What do you think of the new TV spot?

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