The Force Awakens TV Spot #5 is FINN-tastic!

TV spot # 5 for The Force Awakens dropped and features and exciting montage of Finn scenes from the film.

The TV spot starts with a narration from Finn giving us a closer look at the inner turmoil the characters is going through. The mystery of the characters in the film is obvious but, I feel that the character of Finn, played by John Boyega, has a mystery and destiny far greater that we may know.


Filled with action and excitement, the TV spot also shows additional story plots as we see in one scene where it appears that Finn, Han and Chewbacca have infiltrated a First Order base. In the scene, we hear dialogue between Han and Finn that is reminiscent to the original trilogy.


The most exciting part for me was when we see the “challenge” from the First Order Trooper to Finn followed by a quick glimpse of a melee battle between them! More insight as to Finn’s “destiny”?


See the FULL TV spot below!

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