Mark Hamill: Keeper of Secrets to The Force Awakens

PC Gamer sat with Mark Hamill on the set of Star Citizen’s “Squadron 42” where he talks about family, his work on the game and a…certain movie he has been working on lately.

When asked about his work on The Force Awakens, Hamill talks about the secrecy of the project,

“It’s crazy, this NDA (non disclosure agreement) stuff people don’t know about where you’re not allowed to talk about anything”, said Hamill about the film, “where there’s an amount of money that if it leaks because of me, I don’t get that payment. If I keep it a secret until the day it comes out then I get that payment.”

JJ Abrams has been good about keeping much of the story a secret and the pressure on the actors and crew must be enormous! Well, maybe not for Hamill,

“I am good about keeping secrets”, pointing out that he was able to keep a major secret regarding his part in The Empire Strikes Back, “I am proud for the fact that I knew for a year and a half before anyone that he [Darth Vader] was DAD Vader,” said Hamill, “I didn’t even tell Harrison, or my wife!”

Hamill remembers watching The Empire Strikes Back with the cast and after the “Dad Vader” secret came out on the big screen,

“I still remember when we saw the first screening Harrison turned to me and said [Hamill does an amazing Harrison Ford impersonation], YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT. I said [to Ford], I know but I would have gotten in trouble.” laughs Hamill, “Now it’s happening all over again!”

See the interview with Mark Hamill in the following video

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