The Force Awakens X-Wing “TOP GUNS” in Latest TV Spot

TV Spot #7 has dropped and it introduces new characters and may have confirmed another theory I’ve had.

I have always loved the X- Wing. They are second only to my love of Luke Skywalker. I love to see them flying combat in the films as they talked to one another destroying Tie Fighters. It gives me a sci-fi Top Gun kind of feel! In the latest tv spot, we get to meet some new pilots. One alien and one long over due appearance by a woman pilot!


In the last tv spot we reported on, I theorized that in the scenes we have seen the Falcon dodging Tie Fighters on Jakku was actually being piloted by Rey with Finn in a gun turret. We see a clear shot of the Falcon cockpit with Rey and NO Han. If this is true, Rey has the piloting skills of her…Father?


Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters December 18th.

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