Mark Hamill Tweet Confirms Filming for Star Wars VIII is BEARD-tastic!

With the absence of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in any poster, trailer or TV spot, the panic and speculations from fans is beggining to boil over.

In a Tweet from Mark Hamill, he has confirmed that he is indeed filming for Episode VIII! The race was on for his beard to grow back in that he had shaved for his appearance on The Flash and he had just “made it” in time for the filming start. Beard ready – FILMING begins!


I responded to the Tweet with a pic of my own beard! Maybe Mark and I can talk about beard products and oils? The proper care of a “Jedi Beard” ? (see: Dollar Beard Club)

I had never had a beard. I had always wondered what it would be like. Last April, I was able to try it out as my wife promised not to kill me in my sleep. It took a little over 2 months for me to grow in a thick beard. I felt “manly”…Viking like! I didn’t fully love it until I was told by a stranger in my local shopping mall that my beard gave me an “Obiwan Kenobi vibe”…the BEARD WAS STAYING, much to my wife’s hatred of it.

The "Jedi Beard" my wife hates!
The “Jedi Beard” my wife hates!

This October, for our anniversary, I shaved for my wife and surprised her. She was thrilled…for a bit. I realized then, how much I disliked my face! My daughters were quick to ask me to grow it back too! I have been growing ever since! My Jedi Beard will return and in time for The Force Awakens.

Show us YOUR own “Jedi Beards”! Post them in the comments!

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