The American Music Awards Tribute to John Williams and The Force Awakens

The Star Wars universe invaded the “glam and glitz” of Hollywood last night at the 2015 American Music Awards with a look at a familiar scene from the film and an emotional tribute to John Williams.

In the scene, we see Rey, Finn and BB-8 running from attacking Tie Fighters towards a ship to escape. This time we get to hear their conversation and possibly more confirmation as to who is flying the Falcon…and to Rey’s family lineage? From other articles I’ve posted, my theory is that, after the ship in this scene is destroyed, they somehow get on the Falcon. It is then Rey we see piloting the Falcon in the scenes on Jakku in previous trailers.


After the scene, in walks Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, to introduce a special tribute to John Williams with a “Star Wars” performance by Pentatonix.


It is sometimes easy to forget just how important and crucial Williams’ contributions to film have been such as Indiana Jones, E.T. and of course, the Star Wars saga.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters December 18.

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