Star Wars FAN ART: Awaken the Posters

Recently, IGN released 3 retro style posters for The Force Awakens.

The fan made poster inspired this article to showcase some of my favorite FAN MADE posters for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

My favorite has to be this fan poster. I even have it as my work computer WALLPAPER. The creator used the existing poster but then added the one person everyone was missing…LUKE SKYWALKER.


There were also the speculative posters for Episode VII before the first images were released.


After the release of the trailers, images and TV spots, the fans had much to work with. Even adding in characters they thought should have been included in the posters and with a classic “Star Wars poster” layout.


What is YOUR favorite FAN MADE poster for The Force Awakens? Is it on this list?

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