Rolling Stone: Behind the Scenes With The Force Awakens

Rolling Stone has previewed its “Behind the Scenes” issue of The Force Awakens.

Headed by a “meditative” Kylo Ren as he looks at the charred remains of Vader’s helmet. Do you notice it? Did you notice what will finally END the “Luke is Kylo” debate? Look at the back of the helmet of Kylo. Notice the long black hair coming out of the bottom? That is the hair of Adam Driver!


The issue gives us a sneak peak behind the scenes and also a look at how “dark” the galaxy has become since Return of the Jedi. It is clear that it wasn’t as “and they lived happily ever after” as we had thought.

“With any movie that ends with going off in the sunset and a celebratory moment, you can ask, ‘Well, what happened the day after?'” said J.J. Abrams. “Then decades go past. We were literally asking, ‘Well, what happened to the disbanded Empire? What happened to the Republic?'”

David James/© 2015 Lucasfilm Ltd.
David James/© 2015 Lucasfilm Ltd.

Harrison Ford even talks about his wanting Han Solo to die in The Empire Strikes back,

“I didn’t have the imagination to recognize the future potential for the character,” said Ford. “I was only going to do three of them, so I wanted to use the character to supply some bass notes, some gravitas. I thought to continue to be the wise-cracking cynic was not, perhaps, But if they’d done that then, I wouldn’t have this experience, which I think is worthy.”


The fans are also happy that Solo lived!

With only weeks to go until the release of the film, fan excitement is bursting at the seams! And as Mark Hamill sees it, The Force Awakens is not only an epic event but with all the real world problems and tragedies it is, “therapeutic”

“The world is so horrible! Between the Middle East and gun violence and global warming and racism, it’s just horrible. And people need this. It’s therapeutic.”

See the entire article at Rolling Stone.



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