The Force Awakens: A Final Fan Theory

By Jennifer Hayman

After the Battle Endor, the New Republic seized the opportunity for power. But what if the New Republic didn’t turn out to be the idyllic government Leia and Han thought they were fighting for? Regime changes hardly ever work out the way those who fight for them hope.

We know that during the Battle of Jakku, Han and Leia were mysteriously absent. Perhaps Leia rejected the battle of Jakku, a massive military undertaking that cost thousands of lives and many valuable ships. Perhaps, after years of suffering and struggle against the Empire, her peaceful Alderaan idealism had left her too much of a pacifist for a republic so new?

Or maybe Mon Mothma saw Leia as a threat to her power…


Whatever the reason, what if Han and Leia chose to leave the New Republic and pursue a more simple existence?

Let us then suppose that Han and Leia went on to have two children – a boy and a girl. The older sibling, the boy, we know as Kylo Ren, but was presumably born under a different name. He is strong in the force and attends his Uncle Luke’s small Jedi Academy. He is very powerful, maybe as powerful as his grandfather Anakin and, left unchecked, his hunger for power grows. Now at some point a trigger occurs and his younger sister begins to show signs of being force sensitive, too (for arguments sake let’s say she is around five), and like all who achieve great power, Kylo fears losing it. Perhaps under the suggestion of supreme leader Snoke, he attacks the Jedi Academy, destroys other students, and also attempts to kill his baby sister, who we know as Rey, out of fear that her power might rival his own.


Uncle Luke goes to stop Kylo, but can’t bring himself to kill his only nephew. Kylo escapes and goes on to join the Knights of Ren in search of greater power, and eventually teams up with the First Order. Han and Leia, fearing for Rey’s safety, hide her away on Jakku (much like Luke and Leia were hidden from Anakin). Luke also goes into hiding, ashamed of his part in Kylo’s training, ashamed that he couldn’t stop him, and ashamed of what happened to his academy.


Han and Leia, still disillusioned with what the New Republic has become, team up with a new group of rebels known as the Resistance. In time, they discover that supreme leader Snoke’s protégé is none other than Kylo Ren, their long lost son, who has returned even more powerful than before. Fearful for his daughter, and desperate to stop his son (or maybe even to save him), Han retrieves Rey before dark forces can get to her, and tells her the story of her family. Together they set out with a new friend, Finn, to find Luke Skywalker in hopes of turning Kylo Ren back to the light side and defeating the First Order.

And thus the stage is set for The Force Awakens, and the new Star Wars saga.

IMG_0774Jennifer Hayman is a wife, mom, and all around Star Wars fanatic living in Southwest Florida. Jennifer is also an active member of Rebel Legion, the “Good Guy” branch of the Star Wars costuming and charity group, the 501st. When she isn’t talking about Star Wars to anyone who will listen, Jennifer also loves racing sailboats, table top games, and crafting gifts for her friends and family.