Star Wars: The Force Awakens Interactive “Cheat Sheet”

For those of you new to the Star Wars experience or who have been avoiding the numerous promotions in the media but who want to catch up on the “who’s who” of the EPIC drama, The Guardian has created an interactive “cheat sheet” that may help.

The interactive topics from The Force Awakens include Characters, Cliques & Concepts, and Tech. There is a large library to choose from from every aspec and question to the history of the films to The Force Awakens. Sorry Skywalker fanboys/girls… not much on the whereabouts of a certain Jedi Master.

By clicking on an icon of interest, you are taken to an in depth break down of [what we know] that subject, including “connections” to other characters or stories. Check out the Captain Phasma sample!

For those that don’t mind a little bit of “spoilers” or to the “new fan”, this is an essential tool as we approach the opening of the film. Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters December 18th.

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