The Hypothetical Star Wars Holiday Special from Funny or Die

Most fans are aware of the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special that is among the biggest regrets of Georg Lucas. The special is about the journey home for Chewbacca to be with his family on “Life Day”. He is accompanied by his friend, Han Solo – who is actually played by Harrison Ford in this! They run into trouble along the way with the Empire and the story begins.

As “bad” as the special was compared to today’s standards, I try and watch it every year with friends around Christmas time. It may be bad but it was groundbreaking in the merchandising and promotional ability the product had that had not been something studios considered in the past. It was also a time where celebrities weren’t “too big” to promote their film in such a way as to go from movie blockbuster to a children’s TV special. In the end, it is great for some laughs, horror, and a trip down TV memory lane!

Funny or Die has created a parody of that original holiday special in a new “hypothetical holiday special” which features BB-8 and family on “Droid Day”! A new classic in the making for sure. The parody of a blend of 1970’s “cheese” and song numbers with that of the modern films is done brilliantly, especially with the intro credits and laugh-tracks. They even have celebrity guests including “Jason Alexander as Redge Moonhopper”.

Just like the original, the special includes corny jokes, an appearance from “George”, an animated short and a musical performance by “Train”. Funny or Die has really outdone themselves with this parody. I almost want them to make a complete episode of this!

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