Canada’s “COOL New” Prime Minister After Seeing The Force Awakens: “It was amazing!”

Since the newly elected leader of Canada, Justin Trudeau, took office it became clear that he was not stranger to George Lucas’ epic saga.

The Canadian Prime Minister was among the lucky few to see an advanced screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, viewing with kids from the local Children’s Hospital.

“It was amazing!” said Mr Trudeau about the film.

From the congratulations and invite to the Star Wars premiere from Walt Disney Studios on the eve of his election win, to dressing up as Hoth Han Solo for Halloween, Mr. Trudeau is definitely a Star Wars NERD like the rest of us. This fandom didn’t happen over night. The following video shows that there was a history of Canada’s leader’s love of Star Wars as he attends the premiere of The Return of the Jedi with his Father, then the Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau.

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