Star Wars Auction Alert: Bid on Luke Skywalker’s BLASTER

The success of The Force Awakens may have motivated collectors to start auctioning off their valuable Star Wars items.

In the upcoming Nate D. Sanders Auction, one such item will be available to the [wealthy] Star Wars fan – The DL-44 Blaster used by Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back. Bidding is starting at $200,000! The starting bid is double what the “Slave Leia” bikini sold for at auction which went for $96,000 recently!

Speaking of expensive Luke Skywalker items, I was listening to the Kevin Smith podcast , Hollywood Babble On, where Smith recalled a story where he was offered the lightsaber Luke Skywalker used in The Return of the Jedi from a Director friend of his for a mere $250,000. Smith ended up declining the offer, but I am sure he would have loved to own it!

With all the Star Wars films and products planned for release from the studios, it is likely that this trend will continue as the saga’s fandom grows.

If you could have any prop from any of the Star Wars films, what would you want? Share in the comments!

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