Harrison Ford to Introduce Disney’s Star Wars Theme Park

Harrison Ford is going more than Solo; actually, he’s acting as ambassador to Disney’s brand new Star Wars theme park. The wonderful world is making the most of their purchase from George Lucas and introducing an entire theme park (in both the Anaheim and Orlando locations) based solely on the Star Wars universe. Yep, we’re getting more than just a slew of movies, my friends, we’re getting an experience.


Fans will get an inside look at the new 14 acre additions during a special broadcast airing February 21st, on ABC, hosted by Ford. This will be an exciting addition for folks who have gone to Star Wars Weekends in Orlando. While the weekends provides a fun atmosphere, it’s something akin to hanging out in the parking lot before seeing the concert of one’s favorite band. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great experience, and many of the thousands of fans that show up are decked out in costume, with Disney actors walking about all over the park, but it’s been clear that Star Wars could use it’s own section in the park. Now, with the movies moving forward, and interest at an all time high, Star Wars will have its own home, instead of “taking over” pre-existing locations.

The unnamed Star Wars world will be inhabited by humanoids, aliens, and droids, and “is one of the last ports before wild space,” according to Disney chairman and CEO Robert Iger.

“Every store and restaurant will be operated by local inhabitants, making each experience deeply immersive. Nothing in the land will be out of character or stray from mythology. By the way, we’re currently casting for roles, so if you live on the Outer Rim there maybe a job for you,” he joked.

It’s gonna be hoot! Tune in to the special on the 21st to learn more about what Harrison Ford is going to unveil!

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