Star Wars Episode VIII Could be Delayed Further Over Labor Dispute

Recently, Star Wars fans waiting to see Episode VIII were crushed when hearing the announcement that the film’s release was being pushed back from the May 2017 release to December 2017. If reports coming out of England are true, they might have to wait longer.

It is being reported that a labor dispute involving the lighting technician’s union, BECTU, may shut down filming of Episode VIII, as well as many other films shooting in Britain.

“After talks broke down between the lighting technicians’ union representatives at Bectu and the employers’ body Pact, producers from the nine films affected stepped in and scheduled a last ditch meeting to halt an exodus.” – The Independent

Studios are rushing to control the situation as negotiations with the union are underway. If the union rejects the latest offer, it may immediately shut down production for many films including Episode VIII.

“In order to shoot a film properly you need lighting. If there’s no lighting, you can’t get a decent picture. Without a decent picture you haven’t got a film,” said Gerry Morrissey, general secretary of the union Bectu.

With filming of Episode VIII due to start in weeks, let’s hope that all the people involved can come to a fair agreement without delaying the Star Wars release. Fingers crossed!

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