Star Wars Reporter Presents: “Watto’s Weekly Deals”

Each Friday, the staff at Star Wars Reporter will list their favorite FANDOM merchandise they find online and share it with YOU in this Star Wars parody article!

This week’s “Watto’s Deals”


“Outlanders!Every week they come trouncing into my shop like they know everything. Well let me tell you something, friend – you’re not going to find better deals than what I got here on my shelves. Let me have the boy here show you around, we find you just what you need…”



Disney Infinity 3.0: Rise Against the Empire Play Set

Ever since I watched A New Hope in theaters as a kid, I wanted to be Luke Skywalker when I grew up…and NOW I can play him in the game! My “NERDness” is so excited to get this play set and I suggest you do the same! My family can’t get enough of the Disney Infinity system. The fun and worlds are endless! Get yours HERE.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Game

The “tactical minded” might find this Star Wars themed battle adventure game exciting! You take the role of the Rebellion on missions against the Empire. A great way tot get away from computer games, gather around a table with friends and role dice, “old school”! Get your HERE.


Star Wars Motion Lamp

Nothing like mood lighting, ya know? Nothing like creating a nice relaxing atmosphere to hangout in. Maybe you just want to listen to music on a rainy day, or curl up in bed and get lost in the latest Star Wars novel. Lighting’s important, and, at its best, it’s cool. Might as well get trippy with a Star Wars lava lamp. These things have been around forever, mesmerizing generations with their relaxing allure. And what better way to relax than to dimly illuminate one’s domicile with a lightsaber lava lamp! I dunno, I want one. One can choose the color of the “goo” that gently floats about; it can either be Obi Wan Blue or Darth Vader red. It’s actually a kind of wax (and it’s harmless should one commit jedi blashpemy and shatter their precious lamp. Pretty cool, eh? Get yours HERE.


Star Wars First Edition On-Ear Headphones

Show yourFANDOM in style with this selection of Star Wars themed headphones! Choose from themes such as Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. Be seen wearing these either listening to your favorite music or online gaming. Get yours HERE.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Voice Changer Helmet The Black Series Prop Replica

Are you a Star Wars fan with an identity crisis, Father issues, with an unreasonable fandom for your grand father and wondering if you should be “good or bad”? Well, the Black Series Kylo Ren helmet may be for you! I would buy this in a second if there wasn’t a chance of my 11 year old daughter crushing it with a hammer in anger as she hasn’t gotten over her feelings of the death of Han Solo! But YOU can get yours HERE.


Star Wars T-Shirts

Nothing screams FANDOM more for a fan than that of the Star Wars t-shirt! From classic styles, to parody to modern designs, you can tell a fan’s “loyalty” by the wardrobe the wear. Here are a couple designs, but you can find more HERE.

Check back next FRIDAY to see what FANDOM we find!

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