Star Wars Fan Film “Kara” is an Achievement of Emotions and Awakenings

“Kara” is an amazing Star Wars short film of survival and awakenings by writer/director, Joe Sill.

I have always been a fan of independent fan films. The creators are very passionate and put so much story, visual, and emotions into such a short amount of time. In my opinion, at times these short films display a higher quality and design than many films from the big studios. “Kara” is one of those films.

In a short time, Director Joe Sill, takes us on an adventure with the “Rey like” Kara and her Father Marcus as they stumble into a battle they did not want to be part of. In the end, there is an awakening as a tragedy is revealed and a beginning is unveiled.

Joe Sill delivers hard in this visually epic and emotionally charged Star Wars short film. As a Father myself with two young daughters, I can empathize with the Father in this story who is looking out for the best for his child. The intensity of the action pulled me in and I could feel the characters anxieties as they battled for their lives.

See more films from Joe Sill on his official site.

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