Spin Master May Have the BB-8 Droid You’re Looking For

At the launch of the new line of Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys, the BB-8 offerings from Sphero and Hasbro were the clear winners!

In another article I talked about my purchase of the (less expensive) Hasbro version of the lovable BB-8 droid. I found it just the right amount of fun, cosmetically appealing and the size was over double that of the Sphero model.

It is being reported on several sites that Spin Master, known for their Air Hogs flying Millennium Falcon, will be releasing their own version of BB-8. There is no confirmation yet from Spin Master but reports are saying that the Spin Master BB-8 will stand at a “huge” 19 inches tall (just 7 inches shorter than the movie version).

Along with the amazing size of the model, Spin Master’s version will also work using a hand held control and respond to their user’s voice commands such as , “follow me”. It will also move its head, and make those adorable droid sounds. The droid toy won’t be available until late Fall and is priced at $180.

The size and voice control feature could be the perfect BB-8 droid for those that can’t make their own but want a life size version and those Rey and Poe costplayers!

It is rumored that Spin Master will preview their new BB-8 at the upcoming New York Toy Fair.

Are you excited about the latest BB-8? Do you own one of the others from Sphero or Hasbro? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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