Mark Hamill Trolls Twitter With “Finn Spoilers” During a Birthday Wish to John Boyega

Mark Hamill is no stranger to Twitter, being a prolific and attentive poster. His posts are fun, engaging and he is always so gracious to his followers, often answering questions and leaving comments for them.

Today, Hamill is having fun on Twitter while posting birthday wishes to fellow Star Wars co-star, John Boyega, with a suggestion (or trolling) of Finn’s background. “SONsational” is the word getting people talking!

Star Wars Reporter Co-Founder, James Spahn, recently posted an article with his theory on which The Force Awakens character could be the child (if any) of Luke, which you can read here.

Of course, this is just Hamill’s fun sense of humor. While this has some “SPOILER FREE FANATICS” crying foul to such a potential “spoiler” not realizing the posting was in good fun (even with Hamill using the hashtag #Troll in the posting), Hamill was quick to point out the real perpetrator of “spoilers”, Rian Johnson. Notice the “droids”?

If you are not following Mark Hamill on Twitter then you are really missing out on a view into the daily humor and amazing personality of this legendary star and wonderful person! #LukeSkywalkerFanBoy

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