Mark Hamill at Oxford Union: She’s “Like a Daughter to me”-The NON-SPOILER Heard Around the World

Keith Johnson, from Star Wars Reporter, talks about his thoughts on the “Non-SPOILER” video from Mark Hamill while a guest at the Oxford Union. Did Mark Hamill say Rey was Luke’s daughter? Nope. Watch the video to see why.

After watching the video, let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments.

See the FULL Mark Hamill Oxford Union Q&A HERE.

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Keith Johnson

Keith is the proud patriarch of a Star Wars fan family of four. Born and raised in Chicago and the north shore suburbs, Keith describes his life as a progression of moves ever closer to Walt Disney World. Close enough now to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from his back yard, Keith currently divides his time evenly between family and volunteer work for eNable. Specifically, Keith is one of very few permanent, active volunteers working for the Enable Community Foundation. ECF is the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports, coordinates and directs a worldwide group of volunteer e-Nable members who give away 3D printed prosthetics to kids and veterans. Keith & family are up on most local Star Wars connections and frequent the Central Florida theme parks and festivals. They are fans and collectors of all things Disney or Star Wars, from LEGO to Infinity to Star Tours to Clone Wars & Rebels. Expect some great footage and short interviews of WDW Star Wars events and celebrities.