Mark Hamill SPOILER From the Set of Episode VIII? The Hunt for a #Hamillion Followers

My day usually starts with a heavy dose of social media, news feeds, postings and a giant black coffee. My favorite morning stop is on the Twitter account of one of social media’s most fun and gracious people, Mark Hamill.

Today’s morning post almost had me spitting out my coffee! On his goal of acquiring a #Hamillion followers on Twitter, Mark Hamill has been granted permission by Director, Rian Johnson to reveal one SPOILER!

Fans around the Twitterverse anxiously waited for the much anticipated #LukeLeak, and they weren’t disappointed…maybe. The next Tweet revealed this amazing SPOILER!

As we can see in this “leaked” photo, the next Star Wars film is Episode VIII and Directed by Rian Johnson. The script copy featured belongs to an actor named Mark Hamill and the emphasis is on being “HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL”. Of course, the man with the attractive #JediBeard is Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill. Wait? Is this not the spoiler promised? Is there yet to be a spoiler revealed? Could this paragraph I just wrote be anymore sarcastic? (I blame the sarcasm from the teachings of being a Mark Hamill Twitter follower for so long!)

To find out for sure what this SPOILER could actually be, we must help Mark Hamill get his Twitter followers up to a #Hamillion! (That is 1Million for you non-Jedi folk)

If you are a Star Wars fan, appreciate great fun and humor, and to be able to participate in conversation with a gracious and attentive Twitter host, then you NEED to follow Mark Hamill on Twitter.

Oh yeah, and… Happy April 1st, Mark!

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