Mark Hamill’s “Shocking SUPER-SECRET Episode VIII Rehersal Reveal”: A Daisy Ridley Birthday Present

On Saturday, Mark Hamill Tweeted something that got fans both excited and suspicious regarding a special Birthday “Behind Scenes Pic that’ll ROCK #UPFs HARD!”

Needless to say, it brought mixed responses to what this could actually be. The real deal, or another fun joke from Mark? For those that may not know, Mark turned the Star Wars internet fandom upside down with his Twitter announcement of promising an Episode VIII spoiler if he made it to a #Hamillion followers. Later that day, when it was finally revealed to be a clever April Fool’s PRANK there was both laughter and disappointment. To be fair, it was April 1st and for those that follow Mark Hamill on Twitter, know about his legendary sense of humor and sarcasm!

As of 8 p.m. (UK time), “Mischievous Mark” came through with his promise with a behind the scenes pic on the Pinewood Studios set with Daisy Ridley! We can see Mark doing his best YODAY impression as he mentor’s the padawan, Rey. “Take me to lunch, you will!”

On behalf of Star Wars Reporter‘s founders, writers and staff – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Daisy Ridley!

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