The Songs Awakens: When the Cast of Star Wars Sing

Artist: Hugh Fleming

Recently, Entertainment Tonight uploaded a video that featured the musical talent of Daisy Ridley and John Boyega during an exclusive interview. In the interview, Ridley and Boyega give a preview of the shenanigans that took place between takes during filming of The Force Awakens.

I like to refer to this clip as “DJ Jazzy Finn and the Fresh Rey”!

What other Star Wars alum have shown their musical prowess? What other Star Wars actors have shown their talent behind the mic? In this article, I have gathered some of my favorite intimate and film appearances where our favorite heroes sing for the camera.

Harrison Ford break from his usual serious and guarded persona and gives a soft rendition of the bedtime song for his child.

Carrie Fisher and her Mother, the legendary Debbie Reynolds, sing two songs while guests on The Oprah Show in 2011. Of course, many may remember Carrie’s singing number on the Star Wars Holiday Special, but I’ve decided to…skip that moment here.

Mark Hamill sings a classic children’s favorite, the Mickey Mouse theme, during a Star Wars event interview. I wonder what it would have sounded like in the voice of his other famous character, The Joker?

Oscar Isaac is not only a talented actor, but also an accomplished singer. So it is no surprise that he crushes this famous “Star Wars theme” rendition first made famous by Bill Murray on Saturday Night Live.

Billy Dee Williams lends his suave voice to a duet with Diana Ross while on “Lady Sings the Blues & Mahogany Stars”. Well look what we have here…

Adam Driver shows a softer side away from his unpredictable character, Kylo Ren, with a romantic serenade in the film, “Hungry Hearts”. Perhaps Kylo should try this approach when interrogating captives?

Ewan McGregor show that he is more than just a Sith killing machine as he takes to the mic to sing David Bowie’s “Heroes” LIVE!

How can we forget the amazing rendition of the Star Wars theme from Jimmy Fallon and the cast of The Force Awakens featuring The Roots.

What is your favorite Star Wars cast singing appearance? Share in the comments!

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