7 Memorable Star Wars Commercials You Gotta See!

Star Wars has been one of the biggest and recognizable promotional subjects since “The SAGA” began in 1977.

As a young boy, I would love when the Star Wars toy commercials would appear on TV. They would always be a fast paced commercial showcasing the latest merchandise played out by kids in scenarios I would try and re-create later. These were some of the best childhood memories for me.

You can still find Star Wars commercials today, albeit with more creative and special effects driven focus. Sometimes funny and sometimes with a message that warms the heart.

Here are 7 of my favorite Star Wars commercials.

Volkswagen Darth Vader:
Who can forget the adorable Darth Vader kid from Volkswagen during the Superbowl Halftime? I am sure this was recreated by parents all over the world to their own Star Wars fan. This is one of those commercials that makes you say, “Awwww”.

X-Box Kinect with Chris Pratt:
This commercial had me at “Chris Pratt”. This hilarious parody on the Episode 4 fight between Darth Vader and Obiwan will make you burst out laughing! I can’t love Pratt enough!

Spike TV Ewok:
Back when Spike TV started and before they became a looping channel for the tv show “Cops”, they would run Star Wars marathons on a regular basis. Their advertisements were some of the best. My favorite was the one that featured an Ewok with a warning of “Never assume cute means harmless”.

Walmart Star Wars:
This montage commercial from Walmart captures the exact situation I am sure many of us “older” Star Wars fans have experienced when introducing their children to the saga. I can see myself and my excitement in the parents and I’ve seen that look from the kids in my own.

Toys R Us Star Wars Dad:
This commercial from Toys R Us is another one of those “Dad experiences” that many parents experience. In the past year, my two young daughters have become huge Star Wars fans and this commercial is close to how it happened for me!

Playstation Star Wars Battlefront:
This commercial brought back so many childhood memories for me. I found myself choking up watching the adult remember the days as a kid, having fun playing with his Star Wars toys. Read my article where I expand on this.

Brisk – Yoda vs. Darth Maul:
Not only does Brisk create a commercial with a creative animated style but, they create a humorous interaction between our favorite Jedi Master and Episode 1’s acrobatic Sith.

Here is a “blast from the past” with this 1980’s Atari commercial for the classic Star Wars video game! This was one of those commercials that excited you about the possibility of immersing yourself into that galaxy far, far away! Unfortunately, the commercial was more exciting than the game…

What was your favorite commercial from the list? Let us know in the comments.

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