Star Wars Day: On May the 4th, Dress for a Cure & Help Luke and Jedi the Dog

May the 4th is fast approaching and is the official day that fans celebrate all things Star Wars.

“Star Wars Day” became the “holiday of fans” starting in 2011 and consisted of movie marathons, parties, Star Wars themed cooking and cosplay. Cosplay groups such as the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion have taken their love for George Lucas’ creation to the next level, being the most recognizable fandom groups around. Not only do they flawlessly recreate the many costumes in the Star Wars universe but they use this creativity for good – namely the many charities they take part in. Now YOU have the opportunity to follow in their example by sharing your fandom and helping a worthy cause by “Dressing for a Cure”.

On May the 4th you can use your Star Wars fandom to help bring awareness to Luke and his dog Jedi in their fight against Type 1 Diabetes. A Facebook event was created to bring the Star Wars community together around this cause.

Luke is a young Star Wars fan struggling with Type 1 Diabetes. He has a dog who is affectionately named Jedi. This May the 4th, we want to show our love and support to this little fighter by dressing up in our Star Wars Swag, posting to social media with the hashtag #TFISWYLUKEN. Let’s show him what the Star Wars community is all about and lift up our fellow Jedi.”

SHARE pictures of yourself in Star Wars cosplay, t-shirts, with SWAG and more on the Dress for a Cure Facebook page! Star Wars Reporter will also FEATURE these pictures on our social media.

Jedi the Diabetic Alert Dog is very important in Luke’s life. Luke is hypoglycemic unaware. This means he cannot tell when his blood sugar is going dangerously low which can lead to dangerous and even fatal outcomes. A Diabetic Alert Dog has been trained to sense Luke’s levels and alert his parents when Luke’s health is in danger. Turn your Star Wars fandom into a “Force” of HOPE and DONATE to Luke’s cause here: All proceeds will go towards Luke’s Diabetic Alert dog and the training associated with having a service dog.



Follow Luke and Jedi on their journey on the official site: and on Facebook.

To Learn more about this disease and to donate to help find a cure visit the American Diabetes Association:

Find our more about the Diabetic Alert Dog program and to donate at the official site:

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