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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes launched back on November 24th, 2015 and I have played daily since. Being a stay at home dad my life is filled with, “hurry up/wait” moments. In the morning we rush to get ready, then sit and wait for 10 minutes while one of the kids looks for shoes and/or socks. Or I rush to finish a project at home in time for pick up, but then I’m an hour too early to go get the kids from school. To fill these moments over the years I have crushed candy, clashed clans, kept dungeons, and angered birds. Eventually I hit a wall with each where progress to the next level or benchmark took weeks and much maintenance effort. I like to look for a game that I can play for a few minutes or a half hour and actually be playing, not just maintaining.

10 million downloads can’t be wrong.
I would recommend anyone who is a fan of Star Wars and phone/tablet games give it a free download and a try. It has a lot of the same qualities of a good turn based D&D battle like the old computer game “Ultima” where you collect characters and build up their armor, weapons, abilities, etc. Unlike most tablet games that have hooked me over the years though, this one keeps things moving even after you have advanced quite a bit in level. In fact, by design, the game adds new challenges, characters and options as you progress.

My main complaint with the Clash of Clans type games (yes, even Star Wars: Commander) is that once you get up there in level you have to wait so long for the next benchmark that you don’t really play as much as ‘maintain’ by collecting resources every 10 hrs and playing a few pvp battles just to keep from dropping in rank. With Galaxy of Heroes there’s always something new and it has a great ‘auto’ features for the more tedious points. Best of all if (heaven forbid) you skip a day or two, you don’t lose a weeks worth of resource and rank building.

The variety of battles available in GoH as you progress is what keeps me coming back. I’m one of the highest ranked players in my grouping and I still have short and long term goals that I can choose from to this day. There are a set of easy to do “daily activities” that earn players enough gems, coins, ally points, etc. that one can play as little as 10 minutes a day or for hours on any given day without running out of ‘energy’. Now that GUILD RAIDS have been added, players have a whole new set of goals, challenges and progress to choose from. And guilds adds a chat feature which improves the social aspect

The latest addition on April 24th was GUILDS! Players of at least level 22 can join or create a guild. The guild members earn guild coins for themselves and guild bank coins for the group by accumulating points towards a specific daily goal. As a group, you work towards the totals, advancing in tier level as players work on the challenge. For example; one day might be “earn 1000 points in light side battles (as a group) for tier I, 2500 points for tier 2, 7000 points for tier 3, etc.” the next day might be, “complete 20 daily activities for tier 1, 50 for tier 2, 125 for tier 3, etc.”

The coins that guild members earn can be used to purchase “character shards”, gear or other GoH consumables. The guild bank coins, however, are used by the guild leader to unlock Guild Raids for the group! (CloneCrafting Legion just launched our first tier 1 raid this morning so expect an update next week!)

As an avid player and Star Wars Reporter, of course I started a guild. My guild is invite only and was started with a player level minimum of 70. That’s pretty steep, even by veteran GoH standards since the current level cap is 80. We started strong with about a dozen KILLER players, all ranked in the top 10-20%.

After seeing how points are earned though, we at the guild (I’m very diplomatic) decided to temporarily lower the level requirement looking for players who were ACTIVE not just high level. Higher level characters are the only ones who stand much of a chance in the raids themselves but any active player can add to the advancement of the group and themselves. So, the CloneCrafting Legion is still invite only but for a limited time we lowered the minimum player level to 33. Once the first raid launched we started inching it back up and will continue to do so as we fill our 50 guild member slots. The currently min level is set at 40. Level 40 is the minimum level to fight in Galactic War campaign. It takes less than a week to get to 40 if you do little beyond the daily activities so it seems like a good benchmark of a truly active player.

Stay tuned for more SW GoH updates and if you would like to join an active, friendly and intentional guild of SW fans look for “Kejo Sonith” and CloneCrafting Legion. If you can’t find me, leave your ally code in the comment section here.

Go to “squad arena” and hit the “rank” button at the bottom. You’ll usually find me around 125-150 but sometimes I make it down to double digits for a few hours. Send a request and I’ll accept any player that looks like they’re active.

For those unfamiliar with SWGoH…

Players build up their level by completing battles in a number of categories; light side battles (light side characters only), dark side battles (dark side characters only), squad battles (pvp) and more. The different “game tables” open up as the player level increases.

Players collect characters to advance in battles. Characters can be acquired in a variety of ways. Of course you can purchase some but there are many free ways to build an impressive force. (Until they ran an earth day promotion where 100% was donated to WWF, I had spent a grand total of $5 one time for a Count Duku “dark side starter bundle”.)

Some characters are won through daily “free spins” while others can be purchased with gems or other special “points” earned in places like the cantina, Squad arena or Galactic war. All characters are unlocked or upgraded via something called “shards”. Character levels range from 1-star to 7-star. A shard is 1 point towards that characters next star level. You progress each character’s level, star rank, and gear to be able to fight in progressively more difficult AI battles. (All battles are AI, even PvP is a battle vs an AI running another player’s squad.) There is a good Wikipedia page that goes deeper and lists all currently available characters…

Don’t forget, if you play, Join the CloneCrafting Legion!

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