Alden Ehrenreich Confirmed as Han Solo in the Star Wars Origin Film

In April we reported that Alden Ehrenreich was at the top of the list of young actors to play Han Solo in a planned Star Wars origin film.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Ehrenreich is in final negotiations to play the “young Han Solo” in the upcoming film.

“Alden Ehrenreich is in final negotiations to don the vest and pick up the blaster for the Star Wars standalone, according to sources, which centers on a younger version of the franchise favorite.”– The Hollywood Reporter

Ehrenreich has starred in such films as Blue Jasmine with Cate Blanchett , Hail, Caesar with George Clooney and is in the new Warren Beatty Project. With an impressive and growing list of elite Hollywood films under his belt, Phil Lord and Chris Miller may have cast the role of the young “scoundrel” perfectly.


There are many fans that had their hopes set on other actors to play the role and are likely disappointed in today’s announcement. Of course, there are those that hate the idea of this origin film, never wanting any form of expansion or additional stories or history added to the “canon”. To those fans, I will say this…it is a great time to be a Star Wars fan and you should embrace the attention and support that the studio executives are giving the franchise. Movie goers today have a salacious appetite for origin films, so it was inevitable that the Han Solo film was going to be made. I welcome these themes openly! The more Star Wars films, the better!

I look forward to what Ehrenreich will bring to his portrayal of Han Solo and the many rumored origin films to come.

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