Father’s Day for a Star Wars Dad

Father’s Day is this Sunday June 19th and is one of my favorite days of the year!

I start reminding my family a month before that the greatest day of the year is about to be upon us! I even mark down on the calendar reminders and blot out the eve of and week after as “Holy Father’s Day Week”! Of course, I am only joking with my family and also trying to tease my wife…or am I?

Father’s Day isn’t a favorite of mine because of what the retail industry has made it into. I am not expecting gifts or breakfast in bed or a lazy day on the couch. To be honest, I do love the hugs in the morning from my girls followed by, “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!” (It is the “Daddy” term I never want them to stop using!) To me, Father’s Day is a reminder to myself to always be a great role model for my daughters and spouse which is a quality that I try and live every day of the year, something that I was never fortunate to have grown up with myself…

My hopes are also that Father’s Day will remind my daughters of the special contributions and lessons I have taught them throughout their lives. These lessons would include, walking, talking, reading, riding a bike, homework and more. What I am most proud of is the “NERDY side” I have helped develop in them, namely their love for Star Wars! (I can just hear my wife groaning/facepalming as she reads this!)

The Toys R Us commercial below is a great illustration of how myself and (most likely) other Star Wars Dads have did their nerdy part in exposing their kids to the Star Wars saga!

I remember tying to get my girls to watch A New Hope at an age that was probably to young and then being disappointed that they only lasted 20 minutes. I would be a couple of years later when, almost like the Toys R Us commercial, that the interest appeared. I remember my oldest coming to me with our copy of Star Wars: A New Hope and wanting to watch it. I could barely contain my excitement! The day has finally come…my girl was entering my world! If you ask my wife she would likely say, “He was acting like an idiot and couldn’t get the DVD started faster!” *insert Wifey groan*

I now see what my fandom for Star Wars must have looked like to my parents when they watched me racing around the house with my X-Wing and Luke Skywalker action figure defending the galaxy from the evil Empire. My girls now play similar games only now, their “Luke” is now Rey. My oldest has even shown interest in contributing to Star Wars Reporter!

When my girls are deep in all things Star Wars, I love turning to my wife and say, “Their NERD training is complete. They are now…MINE!” Now…to warn them about boys!

So on this Father’s Day, I will be spending time with my girls having a nice BBQ in the sun that will end in the evening with some form of Star Wars movie/television marathon because that is what a Star Wars Dad does with his kids on Father’s Day.

What will YOU be doing on Father’s Day? Want some Star Wars themed food ideas for a special “Star Wars Dad” dinner? Check out these recipes: Jawa Java, Ménage à Millennium, Yoda Pods, Chewie Chews

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From the moment Steve first watched Star Wars: A New Hope in the theater when he was a child, he wanted to be Luke Skywalker when he “grew up” (and STILL does!). He now shares this passion with his wife, two daughters, friends and fans. Steve is the Founder of Star Wars Reporter.