Want to live like Luke Skywalker? The “Star Wars House” Might be the Home You’re Looking For!

A unique home in Ottawa, Canada has been put on the market. What is so unique about this locally famous home is that it resembles another famous home from a “galaxy far, far away”, specifically the childhood dwelling of Luke Skywalker.

The locals have nick-named the Moulton family’s 2,200 square foot bungalow the “Star Wars House”, due to its similarities to the Tattooine home where the legendary journey of Luke Skywalker began.

When building their home, the Moulton family’s intention was not to recreate the iconic sci-fi home but to build an environmentally-friendly home using a “monolithic dome” construction.

“I like the space. I feel comfortable in here,” says homeowner Ray Moulton. “But you know, it also reminds me of hobbits and other fantasy-type stuff too.”

If you are Star Wars fan in the market for a new home, environmentally conscious and moving to the Ottawa area, maybe this is the “home you’re looking for”. Just be wary of Stormtroopers looking for droids! The asking price for the “Star Wars House” is listed at $439,900.

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