Train Like a Jedi: A Look at Lightsaber Combat Classes


Take your workout to new level and train like a Jedi!

Ask Men‘s report features an exciting way to get into shape and live out your fandom fantasy of becoming LUKE SKYWALKER with this martial arts meets play combat class. These classes combine fencing with stage combat and add the iconic Jedi weapon for a unique workout!

Many lightsaber combat clubs are led by experienced teachers from traditional martial arts and are taught using traditional martial arts techniques, and all while wielding a lightsaber! Experienced fencer who have a love for Star Wars may find a lightsaber combat class a fun change in their training regiment. Along with learning a form of martial arts combined with the Star Wars universe, taking part in a lightsaber class will also connect you with other dedicated Star Wars fans!

You may not be using The FORCE to levitate objects or to pull your X-Wing from a murky swamp in these lightsaber classes but, you will be getting healthy while being active in the “real world” with help from your “Star Wars Nerd” world!

A great source to learn more about lightsaber training or to find a local group in your area is The Saber Legion on Facebook.

For another example of, “the lightsaber meets modern martial arts”, check out the ESPN documentary called “The Evolution of the Lightsaber Duel” hosted by Mark Hamill. You can see the full episode HERE.

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