John Boyega and “The Force” of Pokemon Go

Since its release in July this year, the “augmented reality” game from Niantic, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm! With over 100 million people playing worldwide, it has become the most downloaded APP of all time, even passing out Twitter!

Unlike other video games, Pokemon Go requires player to “Break out the sneakers” and get out into the community to find those elusive Pokemon! This has also created many social interactions among Pokemon “Trainers” around the world.

I was older when the Pokemon games and animation craze first hit the scene in the 1990’s but I have become a huge fan of this game! It has become another fun activity for my me and my daughters and we have met other families in parks and other Pokemon areas doing the same thing!

Pokemon Go has continued to attract different people around the world including that former Stormtrooper and “Traitor”, John Boyega. In an interview with TechCrunch, Boyega explains his experience with the Pokemon Go game.

“I found a Pikachu at Pinewood Studios while filming Star Wars. I told EVERYBODY. ‘I got a Pikachu!’ I was the most popular kid on set for like a day.” said Boyega.

Boyega isn’t the only celebrity bitten by the Pokemon Go bug. There are several celebrities that can’t get enough of the game and have used social media to let us know. Such celebs as John Mayer, SouljaBoy,Demi Lovato, Kevin Jonas, Chrissy Teigen and more have all become Pokemon Go “Trainers”!


Feel the FORCE of Pokemon Go and try it out for yourself! You can download from Google Play for Android and also the iTunes App Store.


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