Star Wars Fan Film “Jedi’s Code”: Confronting the Past with an Unexpected Twist

From Director Carlos Boellinger, comes this Star Wars fan film about a former Jedi confronting his past.

“When the smuggler, Kai Arclighter, crash lands on the remote world of Adara Prime, he’s forced to confront his Jedi past. The nefarious Imperial Agent, Pi-Thea-Tezu, has Kai in her sights. Can Kai reconnect with the Force to vanquish his foe? Or will he become another fallen Jedi for the glory of the Emperor?”

Boellinger’s story is smooth and prepares the viewers well. I am a huge fan of films that use an animated or picture narration to catch viewers up to the story. This kind of narration usage was one of my favorite parts of Hellboy 2. I find that this saves time and gets the story moving.

The tale is simple but engaging as you briefly see the memory of a young Padawan being trained by his Jedi teacher. I found it clever while being taught the “Jedi Code”, that the Padawan questions the Code, “There is no death…” with “Why are all the Jedi’s dead then?”

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The film climaxes with a clever twist that you don’t usually see in a Jedi themed story, which I quite enjoyed! The style of Jedi in this film reminded me of the Jedi in Star Wars Rebels. A more “modern” Jedi take on the genre.

You can see more work from Carlos Boellinger on his official Youtube page.

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