Star Wars Reporter: A Promise to Our Readers


Dear Readers and Star Wars fans,

Yoda once told a young Luke Skywalker that a Jedi Knight must have the deepest commitment and the most serious mind. A Jedi Knight is given a gift in their connection with the Force and the abilities that provides.

Running a website is not so different. When one decides to launch such an endeavor, there is an implied authority. Staff members and creators on that site are writing articles from a position of certainty, as well as integrity. The readers trust these creators to provide them with information based on facts. That trust is founded in a shared affection for the source material. As another Jedi said, you might say we are encouraged to love.

That shared affection is a sacred bond. It binds us together. It is not to be broken or stained by the taint of the Dark Side. This can range from biased articles which perpetuate negative rumors regarding cast and crew of these films to breaking the sacred trust of storytelling by revealing spoilers to readers who, in trust with the website they are reading and choosing to patronize, are hoping to build on their affection for Star Wars.

Star Wars is thrilling. It’s exciting. It’s a roller coaster ride. The galaxy shattering revelation of Luke Skywalker’s parentage; the question of whether Han Solo will live or die after being captured by Boba Fett; the true lineage of Rey. These burning questions are part of that deep affection and enduring legacy of Star Wars. It is a sacred trust between the viewer and the audience as well as between the community of fans.

We at Star Wars Reporter promise you, dear reader, that we will never break that trust. Our articles will never state speculation or rumors as fact. Spoilers regarding any aspect of the Star Wars galaxy will never be revealed before they are made public. Even if these spoilers have been made public, our articles will be tagged as containing spoilers and we here at Star Wars Reporter will wait an acceptable period of time before even publishing articles with this spoiler tags.

We have a deep commitment and a serious mind when it comes to Star Wars as a whole. It doesn’t matter whether the reader is a fan, a creator, or simply a casual observer. Respect is given to all and the sacred trust of Star Wars will always be held in the highest regard by everyone who serves as staff here at Star Wars Reporter.

Thank you, and may the Force be with you.


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