“Jakku: First Wave” Fan Film Brings Humanity to the Stormtroopers

From Director, Benjamin Eck, comes a Star Wars fan film that focuses on a “human side” of Stormtroopers.

The video takes place during the invasion of 7000 Imperial Soldiers during the “First Wave” to Jakku. We get to hear their thoughts and fears going into battle, as well as their motivations for joining the Empire.

The original trilogy Star Wars films were perfect! That said, it would have been interesting to have had scenes of the Stormtroopers withtheir helmets off. Scenes showing some Stormtroopers in fear during battle. Scenes that showed the “brotherhood” of Stormtroopers as they stood over their fallen comrades, and more. What inspired me more was some Star Wars art depicting some scenes of Stormtroopers in very human and caring situations. A real feel of battle!

I do understand that due to time restraints of the movies, and that having faceless soldiers being killed on screen was more acceptable by industry ratings standards of the time. Especially for movies that were also made for children. In Episode 7, we were treated to some humor with the Troopers during several scenes.

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Perhaps we will see more of their humanity in future films?

To learn more about Benjamin Eck and his film, go to the official site: http://www.benjamineck.com/

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