Rogue One: More Toys Means…More Stormtroopers!

Another Star Wars Movie, another onslaught of toys and action figures. It’s inevitable, exciting, curiosity arousing and, for some, perhaps a bit eye-rolling all at once. The juggernaut carries on. The merchandise has always been a large part of the fun of all this. In this regard, meh, I’m in, I’m a sucker. Sue me. I love this stuff. Bring it on. After all, thanks to Star Wars, I’m still just a decades old kid…

One cool thing that nearly every film has introduced has been some new kind of stormtrooper. I remember being really excited the first time I glimpsed the biker scout troopers in Return of the Jedi. They were so cool looking, and a nice variation on the standard tried and true stormtrooper design.


Another Force Friday is upon us September 30th, when a wide variety of products will be made available. And I can’t help but to look forward to the stormtroopers in particular. Rogue One promises some really great new iterations of our beloved, misfiring bad guys. The Death Trooper has been at the forefront of Rogue One’s advertising, and the figures thus far look to be spectacular. I mean, c’mon, take something cool, make it glistening black, tweak it to look more sinister, and you’ve got something really special now. Poe Dameron’s x-wing was a great example of this, and now we have the Death Trooper. Can’t wait to see em’ onscreen, can’t wait to get my grubby hands on the figures. I have to believe these guys will shoot straight, they’re just too spectacular to be the Empire’s scrubs!


Then we have the Scarif Trooper. I like this one, too. The armor’s design still has elements of various stormtroopers throughout the saga, but still remains a pretty simple, straight up design. Also referred to as the “Shoretrooper,” I look forward to seeing these guys in action, finding out whether or not they can shoot straight (imagine?), how many palm trees will suffer their wrath, and how well they’ll be immortalized in action figure form. If the images we’ve glimpsed so far are any indication, looks like they’ll be fantastic. (Gotta love the Black Series!)



I always liked the troopers who piloted things, particularly the tie fighter pilots and biker scouts, as I mentioned before. Rogue One is gonna give us the Hovertank Pilot. Another nice design. This one, too, like the Scarif Trooper, smoothly combines elements of previous troopers. The design also looks a bit more intimidating than the “average” trooper, with that single visor slit running wide across the face. It’s like the Death Trooper’s little brother. Should make another fine addition to the Black Series of figures.

So Rogue One is on the way, and we’re going to be treated to some great new stormtrooper designs. One can’t have enough of them in your collection! Hey, the good guys gotta shoot legions of someone, right?


Keep your eyes peeled for September 30th, when there’s going to be deals by a number of stores and distributors, including shirts, ships figures, and myriad other items. Toys “R’ Us will be featuring the Black Series Hovertank figure shown above; Target will have a variety of Rebel and Imperial figures and vehicles; and DisneyStore and Amazon will have all kinds of specials on a wide variety of Rogue One goodies.

Me? I’ll be in line for my good ole’ buddies, stormtroopers!

Take care, friends!

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